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loss-controlProviding health and safety programs to reduce injuries and decrease client costs.

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iprf grant programThe IPRF Grant Program is designed to ease the burden of safety-related expenses.

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The #1 Source For Public Entity Protection in Illinois

The Illinois Public Risk Fund (IPRF) is Illinois' largest self-insured pool for workers compensation coverage. IPRF currently serves over 700 public entities and governmental agencies throughout Illinois. These participating public entities have pooled their workers compensation exposures and controlled costs through a unified loss prevention and claims management program.

  • An elected Board of Trustees oversees the operation of the Fund and governs it in accordance with State of Illinois rules and guidelines.
  • IPRF operates substantially less than standard insurance companies.

Member Entities Share in the Savings...

As a self-insured pool, all investment earnings accrue to the fund. Profits are based on the underwriting surplus realized by the group and members share in this surplus based upon individual and overall member claims experience.

To Qualify for IPRF...

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In order to qualify for participation in the Illinois Public Risk Fund, the applicant must:

  • Be a public entity or governmental agency located within the State of Illinois
  • Demonstrate a commitment to meet loss control and claims management standards established by the fund
  • Have favorable loss experience and be approved by the Board of Trustees of the Fund

Interest Free Premium Financing is Available to Participating Public Entities

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